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Ethos & Values

Datchworth Primary 108We believe ours is a happy, caring school in which each and every member of the school community is valued and respected by every other member. Our belief in treating one another with kindness and consideration is underpinned by our Christian values and permeates throughout every aspect of school life.

We believe children learn best in a calm, purposeful atmosphere and we believe in creating a stimulating, organised learning environment in which every child is encouraged to realise his or her potential. We believe in setting high standards in every aspect of school life, for example, presentation of work, dress, manners, speech, attitudes to others and work. The endeavours of all children are valued, and achievements are celebrated and shared.

Our School’s Mission Statement

Creative Learning in a happy and caring Christian Community

In our school we aim to:

  • Provide a stimulating and caring Christian environment in which children can gain in experience and understanding, and develop to the full their own talents and abilities within the tenets of the Christian faith.
  • In this environment, they are encouraged to acquire both self-respect and respect for other members of the community, and to care for their local environment.
  • Ensure that the children have a firm grasp of basic skills, and encourage the acquisition of these through interesting and stimulating work.
  • Foster the development of an enquiring attitude towards work and to encourage the creative and imaginative ability of the child.
  • Achieve a harmonious school atmosphere in which the child will identify strongly with the school and its objectives, including the links with All Saints Church.

Our School Creed

This is our school.

Happiness and friendship will stay here forever.

Let the rooms be full of comfort, happiness and satisfaction.

Let them be full of caring and light-hearted people and have a relaxed atmosphere.

Everyone will stay friends and be happy in this building.

Be kind and friendly to one another.

Love everyone, whoever they are.

Be happy with yourself and love your life.

And let us love God who watches over us and cares for us.

(‘Modernised’ from an original creed by Year 6 pupils in 2000 as part of an R.E lesson)

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