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Datchworth Primary 306

Our Intent:

At All Saints, English (and the teaching of English) is at the foundation of our curriculum.

Our aims are:

  • To ensure that every child at All Saints is literate and makes good progress in the areas of speaking and listening, reading and writing by the time they leave our school in Year 6.
  • To enable children to speak with confidence and to take account of their listeners.
  • To show children how to adapt their speech in different circumstances for different audiences.
  • To encourage children to listen with concentration, to engage with and respond to what they have heard.
  • To develop effective communication skills in readiness for later life.
  • To develop a secure understanding of phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.
  • To enable children to recognise and apply spelling rules and patterns in their independent writing.
  • To encourage children to use a range of strategies to spell new and ambitious vocabulary.
  • To help children to become confident, independent and life-long readers.
  • To develop enthusiastic and reflective readers, who are able to engage with challenging and substantial texts
  • To promote a love of books and an enjoyment of reading.
  • To promote an enjoyment of writing.
  • To encourage a sense of audience and purpose in writing.
  • To develop a fluent handwriting style with accurate letter formation and correct joins, which equips children for secondary school and promotes a pride in the presentation of their work.
  • To enable children to plan, draft and edit their written work.
  • To support children to produce effective, accurate and well-presented written work.

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