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Home School Agreement

Our school will:

  • Provide a safe and happy environment for the education of your child
  • Encourage your child to do their best at all times and help them to make maximum progress in their learning and wider development
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Expect children to value and respect others and the school environment
  • Ensure that each classroom is a positive and stimulating learning environment
  • Help children to understand their role in our village community
  • Communicate effectively and sensitively with parents through:
  • Regular meetings to discuss the progress of your child, indicating strengths and areas for development through individual targets
  • Inform parents as soon as possible about any concern or problem that affects your child’s learning
  • Provide clear information about home learning tasks.
  • Provide information sessions on supporting children at home in specific curriculum areas.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to become involved in school life.
  • Provide information to parents through regular newsletters, e-mails, notices, open days and meetings.
  • Make available on request all relevant school policies, for information.

As parents/carers, we will:

  • See that my/our child attends school regularly and provide an explanation each day for any absences.
  • Ensure my/our child is here on time for an 8:45am start and is collected on time
  • Make sure my/our child wears suitable clothing in line with the School Uniform Policy, including PE
  • Support my/our child with home learning tasks and ensure homework is returned within the set time.
  • Let the school know of any concerns that may affect my/our child’s work or behaviour at school or ability to do home learning tasks.
  • Support and work with the school with any behaviour management issues
  • Work in partnership with the school to develop positive attitudes towards differences in gender, race, culture, religion, values, beliefs, age and need
  • Foster a positive attitude towards education and the school and use discretion when discussing issues or grievances in front of children
  • Support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add any images, video, sounds or text that could upset or offend any member of the school community
  • Read and act upon any information sent home
  • Attend parents evenings and discussions about my/our child’s progress/education
  • Take an active interest in my/our child’s life at the school

As a pupil, I will:

  • Attend school regularly and on time
  • Wear my school uniform with pride and be tidy in appearance
  • Make sure l have everything I need each day at school
  • Do all my class work and home learning as well as l possibly can
  • Be kind, polite and respectful to everyone
  • Accept responsibility for the things I do
  • Take good care of the building, equipment and school grounds
  • Behave in a safe way
  • Tell a member of staff if I am worried or unhappy

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