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Parents’ Information

Having chosen All Saints Primary School, Datchworth, you have begun a partnership with us. We will do our utmost to ensure that we implement our policies accordingly and help develop your child educationally, emotionally and socially. In return, we expect you to support us and be totally positive about us with your child. If you have a query about the way a matter has been handled, please come to us confidentially to find out the reasons for a decision or an action.

We suggest you liaise with your child’s class teacher to find out how you can support your child and their class. Active participation in your child’s learning is extremely important for their development and progress.

We have a thriving Parents Teachers Association, Datchworth PTA. We do hope that you will support them and the events they arrange, which are always very popular.

Home Learning

Every child will have tasks to do requiring varying degrees of parental involvement out of school’s hours. You will be involved in the support of reading from Reception onwards, just as you were involved before your child came to school when you read to your child or shared stories together. This is still important but now you will be required to support the reading programme, which your child’s teacher is employing. The fun and encouragement must still be there together with the attitude that you are all involved on a joint venture together. When your child is reading fluently, please don’t stop! Continue to enjoy and discuss books together, and to visit the library together. If your child knows that you value reading they are more likely to get pleasure from books and choose reading, instead of watching the television! Older children have regular mathematics and English homework. Please become actively involved in this.

Open Evenings & Consultations

You have the opportunity to view your child’s work and discuss their learning and progress during our termly Parent Consultations and Open Evening. We try to give you the option of either a late afternoon or an evening appointment.

In the Summer term you will receive your child’s Annual School Report and have the opportunity to discuss its contents.

School Reports

Reports on every child are sent home at the end of each school year, and a copy of each report is retained in school as part of our own system of record keeping. In line with National Curriculum requirements, tests (SATs) are administered annually to Year 2 and Year 6 children, and you receive the results of these.

Working Together for Progress

The education of your child is a partnership between home and school. Your child will develop best when he/she knows that you trust the school’s efforts on your child’s behalf. We try extremely hard to deserve this respect and trust. If you have a worry or a query, we ask that you bring it to us in an open and co-operative manner and we will do our best to deal with it as soon as we possibly can. You can always send a note to your child’s class teacher for an appointment or telephone the headteacher, who will arrange to see you as quickly as existing appointments allow.

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