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Class Organisation

All Saints, Datchworth is organised as a one-form entry school. This means that there is one class per year group. Our Reception class forms our Early Years setting and is each child’s introduction into primary school life. Years 1 and 2 together make up Key Stage 1 (and together with Reception, complete our infant classes). …


In our Reception class, children are welcomed into a lively, vibrant and interactive learning environment. Teaching staff help pupils learn through exploration, hands-on experiences and develop a curiosity for learning, which equips them for learning within the National Curriculum.

Year 1

In Year 1, our children build on the skills they have begun to develop in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Through a careful period of  transition, they have opportunities to learn in a similar way to Reception early on in the academic year and then gradually, as the children are ready, they begin to access …

Year 2

Year 2 marks the end of Key Stage 1 and children should have a sound grasp of the basics in reading, writing and mathematics by the time they move on to Key Stage 2. In Year 2, children will continue to develop their skills and knowledge across the curriculum. As part of our English curriculum, they …

Year 3

In Year 3, pupils gradually begin to learn how to become more independent in their learning. They develop a wider range of skills and techniques to solve problems in mathematics and begin to look at specific authors across a range of books to help develop and influence their reading preferences and writing style.

Year 4

Year 4 pupils, amongst other things, enjoy meeting Thorgil the Viking and listen to his gripping retelling of the story of Thor’s hammer. Children learn about how sound travels to our ears and also about the importance of recycling. Pupils study the art of Matisse and create their own artwork imitating his renowned style.

Year 5

Year 5 children visit Mill Green Museum, a working thousand year old watermill, help make their own flour and then, back at school, design and make their own bread. Pupils develop further a growth mindset and resilience towards problem-solving and consolidate their knowledge of formal methods of calculation in mathematics. They increase greater individual style …

Year 6

By Year 6, pupils at All Saints are growing in confidence in their learning and take on greater responsibilities around school but also for their own independent study. Children can make informed choices and know where to find information and support should they require it. Children design and make ‘Flour Babies’ as part of their …